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One Book, One Campus Project

To increase student engagement and success, Florida Gulf Coast University fosters a common intellectual experience across the campus. The experience, which focuses on first year students but includes a broader array of undergraduate and even graduate students, formally and informally connects faculty, staff, administrators, and students and integrates a variety of programs, activities, and offices.


At the heart of the common intellectual experience is a reading project, the One Book, One Campus project, that reinforces key learning values of the institution (such as civic engagement, ecological perspective, or diversity) and that provides the foundation for fostering an intentional learning community.


The One Book, One Campus project engages students in critical thinking and writing skills, preparing them for a rigorous academic experience, and connects them to the campus community so that they are supported in this experience. In this way, students become a part of the community at Florida Gulf Coast University and come prepared for our unique learning experience.


Summer 2015 Reading Project

The CircleFlorida Gulf Coast University has selected Dave Eggers’ The Circle for the Summer 2015 One Book, One Campus reading project. All incoming first year students will read the book to begin the intellectual preparation necessary for a successful first year experience. Other students will also read and discuss this book in a variety of settings and various programming will be included across campus. 

Click here to download the First Year Reading Project Study Guide.

Contact Information

Allison Dieppa
One Book, One Campus Orientation Coordinator
Phone: (239) 590-1355