Reading/Research Readings from the textbook , as well as some additional readings, will be assigned every week. These readings will be essential for completing assignments. Additional resources for online tutorials are listed on the Resources page.
Weekly HTML Assignments: Homework

Each week, students will complete assignments that correlate with the assigned readings. These assignments are designed so that students can apply the principles for that week. Students who are having difficulty can request help in the HELP topic on the Discussion Board; (please attach the text file containing the code.) Other students are encouraged to assist in troubleshooting the problem and sharing solutions. Assignments are due by 11 pm on FRIDAY of each week. The module will indicate where the assignments are to be submitted, (either Homework #1 or Homework #2, depending on the assignment).
Feedback on homework assignments will be given via ANGEL email. (30% of grade)

Discussion Board

Discussion Board questions will be assigned to be answered on the Discussion Board by 11 pm FRIDAY of each week. Please note that the first assignment is due FRIDAY, August 30. These questions will primarily be devoted to design issues and will be an opportunity for students to share ideas and information. Instructor feedback will also be included on the Discussion Board.

Grading for the Discussion Board is as follows:
Each week students can earn up to 3 points; 2 points for their own assignment and 1 point (total) for replying to 1 or more classmate postings with relevant and substantive comments. (Note: postings such as "I agree" will NOT count!) I do this to encourage you to communicate with your fellow students and give them feedback.
Your participation on the Discussion Board constitutes 30% of your final grade.

In addition to the topics assigned for homework, there will be four other topics:

  • Student questions: this is an area for students to ask questions related to the course itself and any technical issues. Do NOT use this area for trouble-shooting questions regarding HTML formatting; use HELP instead. Please review previous questions to avoid duplication of questions. Reserve any private emails to instructor to issues of a more personal nature, (such as grades). The instructor will strive to give feedback in this section within 24-48 hours whenever possible.
  • HELP: This topic will be used for students to share problems they may be having with HTML coding for assignments. Other students are encouraged to assist their classmates in troubleshooting the problem. (When posting a problem, please attach the code in a separate file attachment so others can view it)
  • Weekly Feedback: This topic will be used by the Instructor to give general feedback about the previous week's lesson and to clarify points as needed.
Midterm This exam will be a "take-home" exam to be completed by October 18; students will be able to use any reference they wish EXCEPT to consult with other students. The exam will cover all material both in assigned readings and discussed in class, and will primarily involve application of concepts learned. It will be available on October 11. The midterm will constitute 10% of the final grade.
Final Project Students will develop a personal website that illustrates concepts and design principles discussed in class. Specific elements to be included on the website will be assigned. The theme of the website is the student's choice. Material contained on the site must be in good taste with no objectionable or offensive material. Students will then make a class presentation in the final class sessions and demonstrate their sites to the class. The project will constitute 30% of the final grade.