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  5.2. Academic Services and Support

Various support services are provided by Florida Gulf Coast University to insure the quality of its online instruction and distance education programs.

5.2.1 Admission

A. Provide different formats for submissions of applications and retrieval of essential admission information to meet the needs of distance learners.


1. Application:
An online admission application is available for distance learning students.
2. Immunizations:
Admission requirements for distance learning courses and degree programs are generally the same as requirements for on-campus, face-to-face courses. One exception, is the immunization requirement. FGCU students who enroll in distance learning courses and NEVER take an on-campus course can waive the immunization requirement. The immunization form is available online.
3. Financial Aid
FGCU offers financial aid through its Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. The office is responsible for the administration of grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment programs. This link is prominently displayed on the University admission web page and delivers instructions to students for information and points of contact.

5.2.2 Registration

A. Provide students with an electronic registration system

Fully admitted FGCU students may register electronically.

They need their pin number (received when they obtain full admission status) to process the registration.
Students may register as "non-degree seeking," while they complete the application requirements.
Distance learning students, may utilize both these procedures for registration.
Non-degree seeking students must register on specific dates.

Distance learning students may need the assistance of their advisors to help with this procedure.
Students may take up to 15 credit hours (undergraduate) and 9 credit hours (graduate) in this status (Policies may differ in individual colleges).
Florida residency status requires an original signature to process the application, so off-campus students must mail in this form. Directions for this procedure are displayed with the online form.
5.2.3 Academic Advising
Assist students in planning their course of study at FGCU. This is essential to both the fully admitted student and those anticipating registration. Both of these categories contain distance learning students. Each college, school, and sometimes, program has a designated advisor.
A. Ensure that email or phone advising is available to distance learning students.

The distance learning student is advised through email or phone by their designated advisor. Information for contacting advisors is displayed electronically on each college web site.

5.2.4 Student Services Provide assistance and information to all FGCU students, including the local campus students and the distance learning students. FGCU student services provide various alternative methods for reaching "far" students who only have access to FGCU electronically.

A. Provide distance students with services for obtaining Student-IDs without coming to the campus.

All students need a NOTIS ID (also called library ID) to access the electronic SUS library system. Students who cannot come to campus can obtain their NOTIS IDs by submitting identification and Distance User Form to:

Florida Gulf Coast University
Eagle ID Card Office
10501 FGCU Blvd. South Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565
Approximate turnaround time is 10 days.

B. Issue Student PIN number.

PIN numbers are necessary for all FGCU students to gain access to their FGCU Network accounts, records (grades), and other personal data. This is a six-digit number issued to the student upon admission to the University or during the registration process. The PIN is mailed to you in a letter upon admission. It will not be given to you over the phone. Students often forget them, lose them, or sometimes do not receive them. In case of lost or missing, students need to call student services to re-send the PIN to you.

C. Provide online tutoring to distance students.

Tutoring is available to all FGCU students through a designated web site.

D. Provide faculty with the option of giving students online tests or proctored examinations

Testing for distance learning students is provided in several ways:

1. Online testing may be provided by the instructor via the Internet,
2. Proctored examinations.
A On campus proctored exams are available through the FGCU Testing Center to students who can come to campus at designated times. For more information, contact Coordinator of Testing and Assessment 239-590-7952.

B. Off campus proctored exams are set up through the instructor using formalized procedures for obtaining an approved proctor.

E. Provide a grade system for students (distance and on-campus) to get grades online.

Final grades are not mailed at the end of the semester. Students obtain their semester grades by using the FGCU web system or phone with their PIN number. This applies to all FGCU students, both campus-based and distance learners. Students get their grades by accessing Gulfline or by calling 239-590-7980.

F. Provide distance students with easy access to University Bookstore.

The bookstore is an essential stop for all distance students. It is easily accessed and provides service, via mail, to provide texts and course materials to all students. Students may order their course material through email, phone (239-590-1150), or the web.

G. Provide distance students with distance learning course information or online syllabus.

Faculty and Staff
Students may obtain course information through the Online Syllabus

Faculty can use the following URL to complete the Syllabus Form

Recommendation: Courses have syllabi available (in detail) on the first day of registration for the semester.

H. Provide distance students with an online orientation option.

The online orientation provides online tutorials and information on technical services and support services available to FGCU distance learning students. The site contains surveys for technology skills self-assessment and distance learning readiness. Students can find online tutorials for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, FrontPage, Access,Internet skills,and ANGEL.

I. Provide distance students with the Learning Guidebook.



The Distance Learning Guidebook contains orientation information. It is available in both print and online formats. The print version of Distance Learning Guidebook is available at FGCU student services and colleges. The Guidebook includes FGCU admission requirements, graduation requirements for an FGCU degree, and various services and support for distance learning students.

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