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Principles of Online Design
Principles of Online Design



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1.2 Goals & Objectives

1.2.1 Course learning goals and objectives should be stated in a manner that is clear and measurable.


Clearly stated objectives help both instructors and students.

  1. These guide an instructor's:
    1. selection of course content and structure;
    2. teaching strategies and activity planning;
    3. determination of evaluation assessment procedures
    4. clarification of reaching the learning goal(s).
  2. These help students by informing them of:
    1. what to expect of the course and from the course;
    2. what they are expected to learn
    3. what they will be required to do; and
    4. how they will be assessed.

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Design a 3 page website incorporating all required elements as detailed in the course syllabus.
  2. Critique a commercial website according to design principles of alignment, proximity, repetition, and contrast.
1.2.2 Course learning goals and objectives should be publicly available and explicitly communicated to the learner.


A. Statement of objectives should be

  • included in the online course syllabus and
  • Ideally made available on the first day of the registration period.


Utilize the Syllabus Wizard to publish your syllabus online. Syllabi created with this online tool are accessible to students when they search for courses on Gulfline. For more information on using the Syllabus Wizard, contact Faculty & Course Development, ext 7084.

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