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1.5 Teaching Strategies
1.5.1 Teaching strategies should reflect personal teaching philosophy. They should be congruent with that philosophy and capitalize on the strengths of the instructor. Effective strategies assist learners in achieving learning goals and objectives.


A. Adopt a learner-centered teaching philosophy for online courses. The online learning environment provides more opportunities for learner-control and learner-centered activities.

B. Engage students in active rather than passive learning. Learning is a process of actively acquiring, processing information, and making sense of the information.

C. Provide detailed and clear instructions for course assignments and instructor notes.

E. Learn the technology yourself and know where to find support for both you and your students.

By assuming the role of a "facilitator/guide on the side" rather than "the sage on the stage", the instructor allows students to be more in control of their learning experience and more active in this process.

Refer students to appropriate support if you cannot help them. Students can contact IT Support at 590-7100 for help.

The instructor should have an online syllabus completed prior to the beginning of a course, preferably by the first day of the course registration period.

Redundancy, (providing information in more than one location), can be very helpful! Encourage students to ask questions if they are unclear as to what is needed. Having a topic on the Discussion Forum that is solely devoted to student questions is beneficial and also helps reduce redundant course-related emails from students to instructor.

A "Frequently-Asked Questions" page can be useful.

Take advantage of any workshops and tutorials for learning the technology. Instructional Technology and Faculty and Course Development can offer support and training.

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