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Principles of Online Design



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2.1 Interaction Among Learners

2.1.1 Carefully select communication technologies such as Email and bulletin boards to enable and increase interaction and collaboration among learners.


A. Make no assumptions about the students' abilities to use electronic communication technologies.

B. Provide time for students to practice and master the technologies needed to interact with one another.

C. Create opportunities for students to use technology to interact with one another.



General email questions, answers, workshops, and online tutorials are available through Business Technology Services which can also be reached by phone at the helpdesk (239) 590-1188 or email Connection to the helpdesk and to a student email diectory can be found at the Business Technology Services website. Student assistance with ANGEL is available at (239) 590-7100.

When students are registered for a course, an email distribution list is automatically setup for all students in the course. The email addresses for CRN Distribution Lists are generated the following way: The prefix for all CRN lists is “crn” followed by the class number, then the year of the class, and last the semester identifier of 01 for spring, 05 for summer, and 08 for fall semester. Here are some examples:

  • – This is for class 11501 in Spring 2012
  • – This is for class 57589 in Summer 2012
  • – This is for class 57589 in Summer 2011
  • – This is for class 89856 in Fall 2011

Keep in mind that CRN lists are not kept for more than 3 semesters.

Set up orientation"practice" assignments as first component of the course that require students to use all technology features that will be used in the course. (Examples: Post an introduction to the Discussion Board, Email the instructor, Submit a simple assignment, Take a practice online quiz.) An orientation module has been created for ANGEL; all courses within ANGEL can access this module. (Lessons...Add Content...Import Items and then select the "Common Content" Library and then the "Orientation" folder).

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