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Principles of Online Design



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2.2 Interaction between Learners and the Instructor
2.3.1 Develop stategies and techniques to promote interaction between learners and the instructor through the use of electronic communication tools.


A. Encourage students to send in assignments electronically.

B. Encourage students to use electronic tools to ask questions.

C. Communicate to the class using features available in the Course Management System (ANGEL).





Online instructors should inform students of how often to respond to email or participate on a bulletin board.

Ideally, use the electronic dropbox available in the Course Management System (ANGEL)" for electronically submitting and then receiving grades.

Instructors can set up a topic on the Discussion/Bulletin Board specifically for answering student questions. Encouraging students to post their questions will enable all students to receive the benefit of the answers.

Use the Announcements feature in the Course Management System (ANGEL) to convey important information.

Course Management Systems have their own internal email limited to students within the specific course.

Course Management Systems may allow students to create their own student homepages and upload pictures for others in the course to review.

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