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2.4 Electronic Collaboration
2.4.1 Develop and encourage collaborative activities among learners.

A. Provide tools and opportunities for students to engage in active and collaborative learning activities.

B. Define a clear focus or goal for the collaborative activity.

C. Define the benefits of a collaborative activity for participants.

D. Make a flexible action plan for the collaborative activity.

E. Describe clearly how the activity will be evaluated, including measures of the individual and group contributions to the activity.




Collaborative learning can take place in various forms such as Group Work, Guest Speakers, and Multiple Chat Rooms.

Group Work may use a synchronous chat room, asynchronous bulletin board, and other communication tools such as email to share information and discussing their shared work.

Guest Speakers can interact with students online at a prearranged date and time. Students come prepared to ask questions, get information and share experiences.

Multiple Chat Rooms allow group interactivity within a large class, or within multiple sections of distance learning classes if the instructor is teaching more than one section of a course at the same time. It is possible to begin the chat room session with all students in one chat room and then allow them to break out into separate chat rooms if they are working on a group project or have a group discussion question to respond to. The instructor can drop in on the different breakout sessions. However, it is very unproductive if a chat discussion is not moderated. When using chat room(s), be ready to moderate the conversation or select a student moderator for the chat.

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