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2.5 Feedback Systems
2.5.1 Timely feedback from the instructor to learners is crucial to the success of any teaching and learning event. Electronic communication technologies can be used as tools for providing feedback.


A. Communicate the systems, techniques, and timelines you will use to provide feedback.

B. Communicate the time duration for your reply to a routine email versus an emergency email message.

C. Provide frequent feedback to students, especially at the beginning of a semester.



Feedback can be given in various ways via different communication technologies:
  • The instructor can use electronic mail to provide individualized and confidential feedback regarding matters such as individual grades and learning progress.
  • The instructor can use the chat, a bulletin board, or an email distribution list to send general feedback to a group of students or the whole class.

The instructor needs to provide information at the beginning of the course as to when and how students should expect replies to emails and discussion postings. The instructor can also provide definition of "routine" and "emergency" emails.

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