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4.4. Managing Asynchronous/Synchronous Electronic Communication
4.4.1 Use asynchronous or synchronous tools to promote interaction in an online course.


A. Clearly announce the time and date for synchronous online activities.

B. Provide clear and detailed instructions for online discussions.

C. Set clear expectations for student online activities.

D. Encourage student-centered discussions.

If a synchronous format is selected, make sure students are given the time and date for online meetings.

If students are in different time zones, keep this in mind and make sure they are given the correct time (and possibly date) for the discussion. Remind students that any posting can become a legal document, therefore they need to be careful in the way they word responses.

Show students how to lead an online discussion and how to moderate it by example. Encourage students to take charge of and lead online discussions. Be prepared to moderate or intercede when necessary.

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