Module 1 : Introduction

Reading Assignment
Niederst: Ch 1, 2, 3,

Williams, Ch 1


Review: ANGEL Tutorials

Discussion Board:
By Tuesday, Sept 3

In Topic 01:
1. Discuss 2 differences between print media and web media. Try not to repeat what someone else has already noted so we can have a fairly comprehensive list when everyone has finished posting.
2. Do an Internet search and find a browser other than Netscape or Internet Explorer. Post the URL and name of this browser. I would like everyone to find a different browser so that we will end up with a list.

Other Homework Due:
By Tuesday, Sept 3

  1. Post an email, (in ANGEL) to the instructor , and describe 1) your present computer skill level, including any HTML experience you have; and 2) what you want to learn in this course
    1. Utilize the Discussion Board for posting assignments
    2. Utilize the ANGEL email function
    3. Summarize differences between print media and web media
    4. Identify other browsers besides the two most commonly used ones, (Internet Explorer and Netscape).