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Planning: Program Review

Planning: Program Review

Planning: Program Review
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Office of Planning & Institutional Performance
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
AB5 - Suite 313
Fort Myers, FL. 33965-6565


Program Review Leaders



C.I.P. code

Degree Type (e.g., BA, BS, BFA, BEd, BBA, BAA)

UNDERGRADUATE Program Title (Major)

Program Leader




Mike McDonald



Art Tricia Fay
26.0101 B.A. Biology Billy Gunnels
26.0101 B.S. Biology Cliff Renk
26.0101 B.S. Biology-Accelerated  
40.0501 B.A. Chemistry Sue Coticone
09.0102 B.A. Communication Maria Roca
23.0101 B.A. English Rebecca Totaro
03.0103 B.A. Environmental Studies Anne Hartley
54.0101 B.A. History Erik Carlson
03.0205 B.S. Marine Science Ai Ning Loh
27.0101 B.A. Mathematics  Rick Schnackenberg
27.0101 B.S. Mathematics Rick Schnackenberg
42.0101 B.A. Psychology Martin Bourgeois
38.0101 B.A. Philosophy Kevin Aho
45.1101 B.A. Sociology Kris DeWelde
16.0905 B.A. Spanish  
50.0501 B.A. Theatre Michelle Hayford
261201 B. S. Biotechnology Takashi Ueda
50.0903 B.A. Music Education Robert Thayer
50.0903 B.A. Music Performance Robert Thayer
03.0103 M.A. Environmental Studies Donald Duke
27.0101 M.S. Mathematics Tom Beatty
  B.A. Journalism Lyn Millner
03.0102 M.S. Environmental Science Mike Savarese
23.0101 M.A. English Kimberly Jackson
54.0101 M.A History Michael Cole
52.0301 B. S. Accounting Ara Volkan
52.1201 B. S. Computer Information Systems  Mark Pendergast
11.0101 B. S. Computer Science Dahai Guo
52.0801 B. S. Finance Shelton Weeks
  B. S. Economics Shelton Weeks
52.0201 B. S. Management   Sandra King Karanai
52.1401 B. S. Marketing  Stuart Van Auken
14.0501 B. S. Bioengineering James Sweeney
14.0801 B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering Robert O'Neill
14.0101 B.S.Env.E. Environmental Engineering Simeon Komisar
52.0201 M.B.A. Business Administration TBA
52.0201 E.M.B.A. Business Administration Executive Dave Kakkuri
52.0301 M.S. Accounting & Taxation Ara Volkan
13.1210 B.A. Early Childhood Education  Beth Elliot & Tunde Szecsi
13.1202 B.A. Elementary Education Penny Finley
13.1205 B.A. Secondary Biology Education  
13.1205 B.A. Secondary Mathematics Education  
13.1205 B.A. Secondary Social Science Education  
13.1001 B.A. Special Education Carolynne Gischel
13.0101 B.S. Youth Studies Beth Elliot & Tunde Szecsi
13.1101 M.A. Counseling Abbe Finn
  M.A. Mental Health Counseling Abbe Finn
13.1101 M.Ed. Counseling Abbe Finn
13.0301 M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction -Science, Math, Social Studies, English Education, and General Diane Schmidt
13.0301 M.A. Curriculum & Instruction -Educational Technology Robert Kenny
13.0301 M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction -Educational Technology Robert Kenny
13.0401 M.A. Educational Leadership Cecil Carter
13.0401 Ed.D. Educational Leadership Cecil Carter
13.0202 M.Ed. Elementary Education Penny Finley
13.1001 M.Ed. Special Education Carolynne Gischel
13.1315 M.Ed. Reading Lisa Crayton
13.0101 Ed.S. Education Tom Valesky
  Ed.D. Education Tom Valesky
51.1005 B.S. Athletic Training Jason Craddock
51.2208 B.S. Community Health  Linda Martin
51.0000 B.S. Health Science Joan Glacken
31.0505 B. S. Human Performance  Dennis Hunt
51.1601 B.S.N. Nursing Anne Nolan
51.1005 B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science Julie Hammerling
51.0000 M.S. Health Science Joan Glacken
51.1601 M.S. N. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Marydelle Polk
51.2306 M.S. Occupational Therapy Linda Martin
51.2308 D.P.T. Physical Therapy Sharon Irish Bevins
51.1601 M.S.N. Nurse Anesthesia Zulay Ritrosky
51.1601 M.S.N. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Barbara Asorian
43.0111 B. S. Criminal Forensic Studies  Duane Dobbert
43.0104 B. S. Criminal Justice  Mary Ann Zager
22.0103 B. S. Legal Studies  Mary Ann Zager
45.1001 B.A. Political Science  Roger Green
52.0906 B. S. Resort and Hospitality Management Sherrie Brezina 
52.0906 B.S. Professional Golf Management Tara McKenna
44.0701 B.S.W. Social Work Belinda Bruster
44.0401 M.P.A. Public Administration Howard Smith
44.0701 M.S.W. Social Work Mary Hart
43.0111 M.S. Criminal Forensic Studies Duane Dobbert
43.0104 M.S. Criminal Justice Johnny McGaha
43.0104 M.S. Criminal Justice-Compliance David Steckler