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Planning - Accreditation

Planning: SAI
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Office of Planning & Institutional Performance
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
AB5 - Suite 313
Fort Myers, FL. 33965-6565

Contact: Nevin Cales
Phone: (239) 590-7040
Fax: (239) 590-7098


What will invalidate an assessment:

  • SAI responses exceeding the number enrolled in the course (again, the link to the course verification page will be emailed to you so that this does not occur needlessly)
  • Returning paper assessments when some students responded to the online version for the same course.
  • Turning in photocopied forms. Photocopies will not scan. If the original forms do not total at least 5, no report will be produced.
  • Turning in forms past the deadline, or before administration begins without notifying the Office of Planning and Institutional Performance earlier in the semester.
  • Administering with instructor present
  • Turning in incorrect versions of assessment forms
  • Turning in forms for courses with more than 1 instructor listed on the form for team-taught courses

Note: The FGCU SAI report is divided into 2 logical parts: The first 8 questions (the results of which are public and can be view at the library upon request) and the remainder (which is private and will only be seen by the instructor, unless s/he chooses to share these results). Most departments on campus encourage faculty to share the results for items 9 through 20 with their chair for the purpose of professional development.

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