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Planning: SAI
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Office of Planning & Institutional Performance
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
AB5 - Suite 313
Fort Myers, FL. 33965-6565

Contact: Nevin Cales
Phone: (239) 590-7040
Fax: (239) 590-7098


Summer 2013
  • Any class which meets in a computer lab or is offered via DL is expected to complete the SAI on-line.
  • Any faculty who requests the use of SAI on-line may use it
  • All other faculty will receive a packet and complete the SAI paper-pencil/pen form. These faculty will receive the same numerical reports as you have in the past. In addition, the completed forms will be returned to the faculty member so that s/he will have the comments from the students.
  • No comments will be typed by Planning and Institutional Performance staff.

Course Look-up

Review and Correct Course Information

Please review the information we have listed for your course(s). Information listed includes our default method of administering the Student Assessments for Summer 2013.

Use these links to view and correct information.

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Find courses by CRN <------CRN Search


If you have any questions after reveiwing this, please contact Matt Kulmacz or Nevin Cales in the Office of Planning & Institutional Performance at:

Summer SAI administration dates

SAI Administration

Summer A: June 3rd --- June 17th
Summer B: July 19th --- Aug 2nd
Summer C: July 1st --- July 16th