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Student Opinion Survey
Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI)

1. Have you completed the SAI (the evaluation form distributed at the end of each semester to students asking for their assessment of the instruction they received in a particular class)?

2. If you answered, "Routinely at the end of each semester" or "At least once a year", what motivates you to fill out the SAI?

3. Have you ever completed the SAI using the on-line form?

4. Please rank the following options using the following scale:

3 = most likely
1 = least likely

I am more likely to complete the SAI if it is offered:

on paper during class time
on paper on my own time
online during class time
online on my own time


5. Concerning the results from the first section of eight questions on the Student Assessment of Instruction form:
Have you ever reviewed the results from these SAI questions for any particular course or instructor?

6. If yes, what was your reason for reviewing them?

7. Would additional information concerning the course or instructor be helpful to you?

8. If yes, what additional information would you like to have?

9. If you have not ever used the results from these SAI questions, did you know the results were available to you?

10. Would you make use of the results if you knew where to access them?

Optional - Your Academic Rank