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State University System Student Assessment of Instruction

Instructions to Students

At the conclusion of each academic term, students are invited to evaluate their courses and instructors. Evaluation results are not seen by instructors until after grades are submitted for the term. Please note that each person's evaluation form is handled confidentially through the Office of Planning and Institutional Performance.

Please follow these procedures for responding to the survey:

1. Allot approximately 15 minutes per course for the entire evaluation process.
2. Submit only one evaluation per course

3. Faculty may or may not provide questions for items 21-27. If you did not receive the supplemental questions from your instructor, you do not need to be concerned with those items.

DECEMBER 5, 2001

STUDENTS: Only the faculty member teaching your course will read the comments unless they choose to share them with her/his supervisor.


I have read and understood the Instructions to Students:

I do not want to assess my class now:

This page is for demonstration purposes only.