Presidential Search Advisory Committee Charge from FGCU Board of Trustees Chair J. Dudley Goodlette

Chair J. Dudley GoodletteThe Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Presidential Search Advisory Committee holds an important role in assisting the FGCU Board of Trustees with identifying the University’s next President. The Committee composition represents the University’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, direct support organizations, community, Board of Governors, and FGCU Board of Trustees, and your work is greatly appreciated in this important search process. 

Generally, I charge the Committee with developing and executing a search and screening process that is open, transparent, inclusive, respectful of all involved, and forward looking.

Specifically, I charge the Committee with the following:    

Executive Search Firm:

  • Lead and execute a process for soliciting proposals from qualified executive search firms;
  • Evaluate respondents’ proposals;
  • Conduct interviews with and references on a short list of respondents; and
  • Recommend for FGCU Board of Trustees approval an executive search firm to assist in this process.

Position Announcement:

  • Lead and execute a process for seeking input from the University’s internal and external constituents as to the desired attributes and qualifications, and use this information to develop a Position Announcement for the search;
  • Work diligently to ensure that our University and greater communities play a vital role in helping shape the call for candidates whose experience and background will align with the University’s strategic goals and initiatives; and
  • The Position Announcement recommendation from your Committee will be made to the FGCU Board of Trustees for action.

Candidate Evaluation:

  • Thoroughly review candidates’ materials, and interview a short list of those the Committee collectively believes have the experience, background, skills and passion to lead FGCU to its next level as we start our second 20 years of educating students at this great University; and
  • Consider candidates’ experience and abilities as relate to the many aspects of a University President’s job, including to name only a few:
    • Leading the University to ensure the highest quality academics and performance;
    • Establishing strategies for proven student success;
    • Working with elected and other officials for funding and other needs of the University;
    • Inspiring new and existing donors to provide vital support;
    • Working collaboratively with our K-12 and our state college institutions in this region; and
    • Forging strategic partnerships with business, industry, and other organizations as we support our students with job opportunities after graduation.

Recommendation of Candidates to FGCU Board of Trustees:

  • Ultimately, the Committee’s job is to provide a minimum of three qualified unranked candidates to the FGCU Board of Trustees for our selection consideration.