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Technology Skills Orientation
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Why this Web site?

This web site is designed for FGCU students who want to improve their core technology skills and expand their use of the many technology tools available for learning. FGCU is rich with technology tools and using them effectively will contribute to your success whether you are taking courses on campus or at a distance. This site will help you develop the technological skills necessary to be successful.

FGCU Students may use this website to:

  • Self-assess their skills on a list of technology competencies.
  • Find instructions for connecting to online campus services
  • Practice using application software in practical tutorial exercises.

Throughout this web site you may encounter new terms. Check the online glossary at Domain Avenue. These are links that will take you to a glossary. Type in the word or phrase and hit "Search" to show the definition.

If you are new to the web, click here for a few a quick tips.

Just click any of the topics on the left and begin your journey to mastery of technology.


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