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Technology Skills Orientation
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Activate Your Account

If you are a student at FGCU, you will be given an account to access technology resources at FGCU. If you are a new student, you need to activate your account. Once you have successfully activated your account, you can access FGCU's student Email, Computer Labs, course materials electronically reserved at FGCU's Library, and various other resources that require user authentication.

You need three numbers to function on this campus, your PIN number, your Student ID, and a Library ID (NOTIS ID).

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Once you have registered with FGCU, you will be given a PIN. The PIN is used to activate your student account as well as look up your password if you forget.

The PIN is also used for online registration, viewing grades, financial aid, and other student information. Your PIN was mailed in your Admissions Notification Letter. If you do not have your admissions letter, you can contact the Office of the Registrar at 590-7980 for instructions in requesting your PIN. Since PINs are considered confidential information, they will not be provided via phone, fax, or email. PINs will be mailed to the most current address on file with the University.
Your PIN CANNOT be given to you any other way.

Student ID

Student ID is your University ID number, located on your university ID card.

Library ID (NOTIS ID)

Notis ID is the 14-digit number located on your Student ID. You will need this to access electronic databases in FGCU library.


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