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Front Page 2000 Tutorial
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Web Design Tips

  • Background Images: Use background images with caution. Light watermarks usually work fine, but dark, busy graphics can impair the readability of the page. Solid, muted colors are usually best to use.

  • Fonts: Stick with common fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman. Although there are many fonts to choose from, if the user does not have a font you choose on their computer, a default font will be used.

  • Long Pages: Divide the information into different pages. A long and endless scrolling page is difficult to read.

  • Sound: Refrain from using sound, particularly embedded sound files, if possible. If a sound file must be included, make it a link on the page so the visitor to your page can turn it on and off. Many people surf the web with their computer speakers turned off so embedding a sound file that automatically downloads will unnecessarily increase the download time of the page.

  • Hyperlinks: Always use descriptive words for link text instead of the simple "Click Here!" For example:
    Incorrect - This site includes tutorials for using programs in the Microsoft Office suite. To view the Microsoft Office 2000 tutorials, click here.

    Correct - To learn more about using the programs of the Microsoft Office suite, visit the Microsoft Office 2000 tutorial homepage.
  • Page Size: While most Internet users use a screen resolution of 800X600 or higher, there are still users with monitors set to 640X480. Design your web pages so all material is viewable on this small resolution. Therefore, do not create graphics or tables wider than 620 pixels.


Since different browsers (mainly Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) read webpage differently, preview your pages in both browsers to make sure the page looks the way you want it. FrontPage provides an easy way to accomplish this.

  1. Select File|Preview in Browser from the menu bar.
    [Preview in Browser window]
  2. The list of browsers installed on your computer will be listed. Highlight the browser name and click Preview for each browser.

« Keyboard Shortcuts Tips Beginner FrontPage Tutorial Menu »

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FGCU does not provide personal support for Office 2000 programs to outside parties.


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