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Power Point 2000 Tutorial
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Insert a New Slide [new slide]

Follow these steps to insert a new slide into the presentation:

  1. In the Outline window, select the slide you want the new slide to appear after by clicking the slide's number.
  2. Select Insert|New Slide from the menu bar or click the new slide button on the standard toolbar.
  3. Choose the page layout from the window and press OK.

Applying a Design Template

To add a design template or changing the existing one, selection Format|Design Template from the menu bar. Select the template and click Apply.

Changing Slide Layouts

To change the layout template of the slide select Format|Slide Layout from the menu bar. Select one of the layout thumbnail images and click Apply.

[New Slide dialog box]

Reordering Slides

To reorder a slide in Slide Sorter View, simply click on the slide you wish to move and drag it to the new location. In Normal or Outline View, click the slide icon [slide number icon] beside the number of the slide you want to move and drag the icon to a new location.

Hide Slides

If you do not want a slide to appear during the slide show, but do not want to delete the slide as it may be used later, the slide can be hidden by selecting Slide Show|Hide Slide from the menu bar. To add the slide back to the slide show, select Slide Show|Hide Slide again.

Create a Custom Slide Show

The Custom Slide Show feature allows you to select the slides you want to display in the slide show if not all the slides should be used.

  1. Select Slide Show|Custom Slide Show from the menu bar.
    [Custom Shows dialog box]
  2. Click the New... button in the Custom Shows window.
  3. In the Define Custom Show window, type a name for the slide in the Slide show name field.
    [Define Custom Show dialog box]
  4. Add slides to the custom show by highlighting them in the Slides in presentation window and clicking the Add >> button. Those slides will then appear in the Slides in custom show window.
  5. To remove slides from the custom show, highlight their names in the Slides in custom show window and click the Remove button.
  6. To reorder slides in the custom show, highlight the slide that should be moved and click the up and down arrows to change its order in the show.
  7. Click OK when finished.
  8. Click the Show button on the Custom Shows window to preview the custom slide show and click Close to exit.

Edit a Custom Slide Show

[Custom Shows dialog box]

  1. Select Slide Show|Custom Slide Show from the menu bar.
  2. Edit the show by highlighting the name in the Custom shows box and clicking the Edit... button.
  3. To delete a show, highlight the name and click Remove.
  4. Create a copy of a show by clicking the Copy button. The copy can then be renamed by clicking the Edit... button.
  5. Click the Show button to preview the custom slide show and click Close to exit.
« Power Point Screen Working with Slides Adding Content »

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