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Technology Skills Orientation
Word 2000 Tutorial
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Word 2000 Tutorial

Begin the Word tutorial »

Getting Started

  • Menus
  • Shortcut menus
  • Toolbars
  • Customizing toolbars

Working With Files

  • Creating and opening documents
  • Saving documents
  • Renaming documents
  • Working on multiple documents
  • Close a document

Working With Text

  • Typing and inserting text
  • Selecting text
  • Deleting text
  • Undo
  • Formatting toolbar
  • Format Painter

Formatting Paragraphs

  • Paragraph attributes
  • Moving, copying, and pasting text
  • The clipboard
  • Columns
  • Drop caps


  • Apply a style
  • Apply a style from the style dialog box
  • Create a new styles from a model
  • Create a simple style from the style dialog box
  • Modify or rename a style
  • Delete a style


  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Nested lists
  • Formatting lists


  • Insert Table button
  • Draw a table
  • Inserting rows and columns
  • Moving and resizing a table
  • Tables and Borders toolbar
  • Table properties


  • Adding clip art
  • Add an image from a file
  • Editing a graphic
  • AutoShapes

Spelling and Grammar

  • AutoCorrect
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Synonyms
  • Thesaurus

Page Formatting

  • Page margins
  • Page size and orientation
  • Headers and footers
  • Page numbers
  • Print preview and printing


  • Recording a macro
  • Running a macro

Table of Contents

  • Mark TOC entries
  • Generate a table of contents

Web Wizard

  • Using the Web Wizard

Creating Web Pages

  • Hyperlinks
  • Saving web pages
  • Creating a web page from a template
  • Web page themes
  • Preview the web page

Keyboard shortcuts

Office 2000 Tutorials · Word · Excel · Power Point · Access · FrontPage

FGCU does not provide personal support for Office 2000 programs to outside parties.


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