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« Developing a Workbook Page Properties and Printing Layout »

Set Print Titles
The print titles function allows you to repeat the column and row headings at the beginning of each new page to make reading a multiple page sheet easier to read when printed.  To Print Titles:

  • Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the Print Titles button
  • In the Print Titles section, click the box to select the rows/columns to be repeated
  • Select the row or column
  • Click the Select Row/Column Button
  • Click OK

Print Titles Drop Down

Create a Header or Footer
To create a header or footer:

  • Click the Header & Footer button on the Insert tab
  • This will display the Header & Footer Design Tools Tab
  • To switch between the Header and Footer, click the Go to Header or Go to Footer button

Header and Footer Design Tab

  • To insert text, enter the text in the header or footer
  • To enter preprogrammed data such as page numbers, date, time, file name or sheet name, click the appropriate button
  • To change the location of data, click the desired cell

Header Sample

Set Page Margins
To set the page margins:

  • Click the Margins button on the Page Layout tab
  • Select one of the give choices, or

Margins Drop Down Menu

  • Click Custom Margins
  • Complete the boxes to set margins
  • Click Ok

Custom Margins Dialog Box

Change Page Orientation
To change the page orientation from portrait to landscape:

  • Click the Orientation button on the Page Layout tab
  • Choose Portrait or Landscape

Orientation Button

Set Page Breaks
You can manually set up page breaks in a worksheet for ease of reading when the sheet is printed.  To set a page break:

  • Click the Breaks button on the Page Layout tab
  • Click Insert Page Break

Breaks Button

Print a Range
There may be times when you only want to print a portion of a worksheet.  This is easily done through the Print Range function.  To print a range:

  • Select the area to be printed
  • Click the Print Area button on the Page Layout tab
  • Click Select Print Area

Print Areas Button

« Developing a Workbook Page Properties and Printing Layout »

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