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Reports are a means to view and analyze large amounts of data.    You can use the Report Wizard or create a custom report that meets your specific needs.

Report Views
Reports can be displayed in four views:

Design View

This view provides you with the structure of your report.  You can add, modify or delete components of the report but you cannot manipulate the data in the tables associated with the report.

Report View

This view allows you to view the data from the table but not to change any layout of the report.

Layout View

This view allows you to see data from the table and add, modify, and delete components of the report.

Print Preview

This view allows you to see what your report will look like when it is printed.

To change report views:

  • Click the View button on the Home tab

Report View Button

Create a  Report
To create a blank report:

  • Click the Blank Report button on the Create tab

Report Button

  • Click the Add Existing Fields button
  • From the field list, Click and drag the fields to the report

Add Fields to Report

Report Wizard
To create a report using the report wizard:

  • On the Create tab, click the Report Wizard button

Report Wizard Button

  • Choose the Tables/Queries that you wish to have on the form
  • Choose the fields you wish to have on the forms
  • Click Next

Report Wizard Screen 1 

  • Choose the sort order for your report

Report Wizard Screen2

  • Chose the layout for the form
  • Click Next

Report Wizard Screen 3

  • Choose a style
  • Click Next

Report Wizard Screen 4

  • Create a title for the form
  • Choose whether you want to open the form to view it or modify the form’s design
  • Click Finish

Report Wizard Screen 5

Custom Calculated Fields
You can create reports that include calculated fields.  These reports will display information that you wish to report with an arithmetic calculation. To add a custom calculated field to a report:

  • Open the Report that you wish to add to
  • Click the View button
  • Click Design View

Design View Report

  • Click the Design tab
  • Click the Text Box button

Text Box Insert

  • Click the section on the report where you would like to locate the textbox
  • Click the Property Sheet Pane

Property Sheet Pane

  • Click the Data tab
  • Click the three dots next to Control Source

Expression Builder for Reports Tab

  • Insert the fields you wish to include in the calculation and the mathematical operations.
  • Click OK

Expression Builder Screen 2

« Designing Forms Generating Reports Print a Report »

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