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Plug-in Start

After implementation, if you still receive mail that you consider spam that is not labeled as spam or quarantined, you can teach the Spam Firewall to consider it spam. This option is only available through Exchange Outlook client, not web mail. To use it, you must load the outlook plug-in listed at the bottom of the logon page. http://spam.fgcu.edu:8000

Quarantine Summary Report



1. When “Get Mail Client Plugins Here” is clicked on, the download window appears. Click on “Download Now

Quarantine Summary Report

2. When the File Download window appears click on “Open”.
3. When asked if you want to continue click on “yes”.
4. Follow the instructions by clicking “Next” until the installation is complete.
5. When finished, the plug-in will show up in the Microsoft client in the upper right hand corner as shown below.


Using the Spam Plug-in

Once installed, you can use the new red icon to classify a message as spam and the green icon to classify the email as not spam. The options are used to teach the Spam Firewall university wide.

Classify as Not Spam

Classifies the selected message as not spam.

Note: Some bulk commercial mail may be considered useful by some users and spam by others. For this reason, classifying such messages may not be very effective because users may counteract each others’ classification. Instead of classifying bulk commercial mail, it may be more effective to add it to your whitelist (if you wish to receive such messages) or blacklist (if you prefer not to receive them).

Classify as Spam Classifies the selected message as spam.

Quarantine Summary Report

« Creating Inbox Rules Outlook Client Plugin Spam Firewall tutorial menu »

Please contact the Helpdesk at 590-1188 if you have questions.


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