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Technology Skills Orientation
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Technology Skills Assessment

Technology Skills Self-Assessment Survey

Whether you are a "newbie" or a "cybernaut" you will want to assess your FGCU survival skills and be certain that you have mastered those tasks that are needed in your role as a student. This self-assessment survey will help you determine those areas where you need to get help and tell you where help is available. After you submit your responses to this survey, you will receive a score for each section and suggestions to help you master the skills necessary to succeed. This self-assessment survey which takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete is the perfect place to start your journey toward electronic independence.

Distance Learning Self-Readiness Assessment

Will Distance Learning meet your needs?

Hardware Requirements

You need to have access to a computer with a minimum configuration to participate in a distance learning program. Check the following link to learn about these requirements.


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