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Everglades Wetland Research Park

Everglades Wetland Research Park - Kapnick Center (Naples)
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William J. Mitsch
Director, Professor
Everglades Wetland Research Park
Eminent Scholar
Juliet C. Sproul Chair for Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration and Management
110 Kapnick Center
Florida Gulf Coast University

4940 Bayshore Drive
Naples Florida 34112  USA
+1 239 325 1365

Course Description


Research ParkSystems Ecology

January 31, February 1-2, 2013(Thur, Fri, Sat)
Naples, Florida

Instructors: Sven E. Jergensen, William J. Mitsch and Li Zhang


Description: The course will present the up-to-date, consistent ecosystem theory that is increasingly applied as the theoretical basis in ecological modeling, ecological engineering, application of ecological indicators, ecological informatics and calculations of ecological services. System ecology is a valuable approach for use in these sub-disciplines in ecological and environmental management of today. Systems ecology provides an indispensable, profound understanding of both qualitative and quantitative applications of ecological considerations in environmental management. With a good knowledge of system ecology, it is possible to predict not yet all but many ecosystem responses to changed impacts, which will be demonstrated several times during the course. An introduction to the use of the modeling STELLA is an integrated part of the course and group projects based on a development of simple dynamic models with STELLA will be used to demonstrate ecosystem reactions to changing drivers.

Text: Introduction to Systems Ecology, 2012, (S.E. Jørgensen, CRC Press), included in the course fee.

Course Fee: $400 (includes all course materials and textbook) Register before Christmas (December 25) and receive a 10% discount) Student course fee (with proof of active student status): $200

(includes all course materials and textbook)