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Everglades Wetland Research Park





August 5, 2013 - Meeting Minutes and  PPT  by Bill Mitsch 



James S. Bays  
Tampa, FL
  Mike Bauer, Ph.D. 
City of Naples
Naples, FL
Ed Bischoff  
Columbus, OH
Sherry Brandt-Williams, Ph.D.
Gainesville, FL
Linda LaRue Brown
Naples Garden Club
Naples, FL
William Bullock
Minto Communities - Florida
Naples, FL
Susan Calkins-Ritas
Naples, FL
Ed Carlson
Ed Carlson Consulting LLCs
Naples, FL
Michael J. Duever, Ph.D.
Natural Ecosystems
Naples, FL
Katherine C. Ewel,  Ph.D.  
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
M. Siobhan Fennessy, Ph.D.
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 
Tim Hall
Turrell, Hall & Associates, Inc.
Naples, FL
Charles D. Hartman
Naples, FL
William G. Heffner
Agg Rok Materials Co.
Columbus, OH
  Roy R. Lewis
Lewis Environmental Services, Inc.
Salt Springs, FL
Gary D. Lytton
Rookery Bay NEER
Naples, FL
Thomas Maish
Bonita Springs, FL
Robert M. Martin
Stratos Wealth Partners
Columbus, OH
Bernard Master, M.D.
Worthington, OH
Jerry Pausch,  Ph.D. 
Leesburg, OH
Michael Peppe
Naples, FL
Nick Penniman
Naples, FL
Ramesh Reddy,  Ph.D.  
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
  Art Ritas
Naples, FL 
Thomas Xavier Singer
Winchester, OR
Juliet C. Sproul
Barron Collier Companies
Naples, FL
Ray Stewart
Ohio Wetland Association
Amherst, OH
John Summerfield
Naples, FL
  Duke Vasey
Naples, FL
Stephen C. Weisberg, M.D. 
Naples, FL
Dennis Wilt
Dublin, OH