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Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiative

Teaching Learning and Assessment Initiative

Contact Information
Dr. Linda Serro
Phone: 239-590-7783




Academic excellence is at the core of FGCU’s mission with teaching and learning as central tenets. The institution’s continued efforts to improve instruction is key to achieving the university’s vision of national prominence in undergraduate education with expanding recognition for selected graduate programs. With this in mind, Provost Ronald Toll launched the Teaching, Learning & Assessment Initiative for faculty development in August 2009. Dr. Linda Serro, Professor in the College of Education, was asked by the Provost to spearhead this initiative. Dr. Serro works collaboratively with university faculty to enhance best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment at FGCU and to engage faculty as scholars and teachers. The initiative is intended to support and recognize the outstanding efforts of our FGCU faculty.


The FGCU Teaching, Learning & Assessment Initiative promotes excellence in higher education pedagogy to enhance teaching, learning and assessment across the institution. The activities supported by the initiative highlight and promote national and disciplinary best practices in teaching, learning and assessment while sharing the best practices that are in place at FGCU.


The FGCU Teaching, Learning & Assessment Initiative exists to enhance university teaching and student learning.

Initiative Goals

  1. Share the best pedagogical practices that already exist at FGCU
  2. Support a culture of excellence in teaching
  3. Respond to individual faculty needs for professional development
  4. Advance new initiatives and scholarship in teaching, learning, and assessment
  5. Promote collegiality across the campus
  6. Respond as an institutional change agent