FGCU Vester Marine Lab Facilities

Research Tools

Flow-Through Sea-Water System

The covered outdoor wet-lab area has access to filtered and raw seawater. Several tanks of different shapes and volumes can be set-up for recirculating or flow-through systems and can accommodate many research projects.

flow through


Remotely Operated Video Research Submersible

The VideoRay is equipped with forward and backward cameras, two lights, two horizontal thrusters and one vertical thruster. Tether system is 250 feet. Maximum depth is 500 feet. Capable of being powered by AC or DC output.

YSI Probe

The YSI 6600 V2 sonde is designed to gather water quality data for in situ monitoring and profiling, and is ideal for long-term deployments. The probes currently being used include a conductivity/temperature probe (YSI 6560), a dissolved oxygen probe (YSI 6562), a chlorophyll probe (YSI 6026), and a turbidity probe (YSI 6136). Using these probes, the sonde measures date, time, temperature (°C), specific conductivity (mS/cm), dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L), dissolved oxygen percent (%), depth (m), chlorophyll (ug/L and RFU), and turbidity (NTU) at 15 minute intervals.

Download the most recent data (.pdf)

Download the most recent graphs (.pdf)

For long term-data, please contact us at haabeels@eagle.fgcu.edu

Additional Lab Equipment Available

  • 2 – Thermo Fisher Scientific incubators
  • Panasonic Audio/Visual equipment
  • 5 – Olympus  microscopes
  • 5 –Olympus  dissecting scopes
  • Olympus Fluorescent microscope
  • Eppendorf micro and macro centrifuges
  • E-pure Distilled water system
  • Sterilmatic Autoclave
  • Labconco Bio-safety cabinet
  • 2 – Pentair Aquatics Ultraviolet purification systems
  • 4 – Dell Desk-top computers (PC’s)
  • Freezer and refrigerators
  • Assorted field and laboratory equipment

Wi-Fi Internet access throughout field station