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Press Release


FGCU is Fastest Growing State University in Florida; Annual Enrollment Increases Are In Rising Double Digits

FORT MYERS, FL - Student enrollment at Florida’s newest state university, five-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University, is enormously outpacing all others in Florida and most in the nation - and it isn’t just a passing stroke of luck.

According to new figures from the State University System, FGCU enrollment has ranked number one in the state for three years running and continues to gain annually in double digits, with 12.56 percent in 2000, 25.91 percent in 2001 and 27.64 percent in 2002.

No state university comes close to FGCU’s startling growth. The average of the whole State University System hovers between four and six percent annually, and for all degree-granting institutions in the United States, the average is currently at 1.2 percent annually, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

The surge is partly due to a 1990s mandate from the Florida Legislature directing FGCU to increase its enrollment. FGCU responded by actively bolstering recruitment efforts and by creating for itself a “branding” that prospective students could identify and associate with the University.

President William C. Merwin says the enrollment forecast for FGCU is between 12,000 and 15,000 students in just seven years, with 3,000 living on campus.

For more information, contact:

·Division of Colleges and Universities at (850) 201-7100 or

·National Center for Education Statistics at (202) 502-7300 or

·Associate vice president for Community Relations Audrea Anderson at (239) 590-1083

State University System of Florida
FTE 1999-2002 Comparison of Percentage Growth Increases
Using Fall Semester Educational and General FTE

     Fall 1999 to Fall 2000     Fall 2000 to Fall 2001     Fall 2001 to Fall 2002
     Pct. Growth      Growth Rank     Pct. Growth     Growth Rank     Pct. Growth     Growth Rank
FGCU     12.56%     1     25.91%     1     27.64%     1
UCF     8.54%     2     7.90%     4     9.10%     2
USF     5.25%     5     4.24%     7     7.08%     3
UNF     5.39%     4     7.38%     5     5.84%     4
FSU     4.20%     7     3.07%     8     4.91%     5
FIU     3.76%     8     5.80%     6     4.50%     6
FAU     5.13%     6     12.44%     2     3.67%     7
UWF     5.97%     3     10.32%     3     2.95%     8
UF     3.43%     9     1.17%     10     2.14%     9
FAMU     -1.03%     10     1.77%     9     1.96%     10
NCF                         1.53%     11
SUS Total E&G     4.69%          5.81%          5.24%

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