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Press Release


FGCU, South Florida Water Management Invite the Media to Interview Speakers of "Estero Bay Science Symposium" Nov. 6

FORT MYERS, FL - Florida Gulf Coast University Coastal Watershed Institute and the South Florida Water Management District present "Estero Bay Science Symposium" to bring together researchers and managers to discuss the health and ecology of Estero Bay and its watershed. Discussions include identifying gaps that will need to be addressed in future research endeavors to provide the data needed to best manage and protect Estero Bay. The symposium runs 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Nov. 5 and 6 at the Sugden Welcome Center. Media is invited to interview guests beginning at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 6 at the Sugden Welcome Center.

For more information, media representatives should contact associate professor of Marine Science and acting director, Coastal Watershed Institute Florida Gulf Coast University Michael Parsons at (239) 590-7526.

Guest Speakers and Topics:
Mike Byrne of the United States Geologic Survey in Orlando, Florida
-Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Salinity Patterns in Estero Bay
Erin Dykes, FGCU College of Arts and Sciences
-Effects of Metals and Pesticides on Health and Physiology of Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Hendry Creek, Estero Bay, FL: Implications for Management of Water Quality
Stephanie Erickson of Florida Department of Environmental Protection
-Sea Grass Ecology of Estero Bay
James Evans, FGCU student in the College of Arts and Sciences
-Influence of Freshwater Inflow on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Ichthyoplankton and Gelatinous Predators in Estero Bay
Edwin Everham, Associate Professor in FGCU College of Arts and Sciences
-Riparian Vegetation Along Tributaries to Estero Bay, Florida
Jennifer Nelson, FGCU student in the College of Arts and Sciences
-Influence of Freshwater Inflow on the Distribution and Community Structure of Decapod Zooplankton in Estero Bay
Chenxia Qiu of South Florida Water Management District
-A Calibrated 3-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Salinity Model for Estero Bay
Michael Savarese, Professor in the FGCU College of Arts and Sciences, and Sasha Linsin Wohlpart, Instructor in Division of Ecological Studies at FGCU
-The Holocene Development of Southwest Florida's Estuaries as Exemplified by Estero Bay
Jeffrey Schmid of Conservancy of Southwest Florida
-Ecological Assessment and Calibration of Water Quality in Estero Bay, Phase I: Benthic Habitat Mapping
Gregory Tolley, Professor in the FGCU College of Arts and Sciences
-Freshwater Inflow and Oyster-Reef Habitat Value in Estero Bay, Florida
Aswani Volety, Professor and Chair in the FGCU College of Arts and Sciences
-Relationship Between Freshwater Inflows and Shellfish Responses in Estero Bay, Florida:Utilizing Shellfish Responses in Ecosystem Management and Restoration.
-Community-based Restoration of Oyster Reefs in Estero Bay.

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