Brighton Reservation Summer Enrichment program

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Emahakv Vpelofv, the Creek word for Teaching Hammock is a two-week summer enrichment program for the elementary children of the Brighton Seminole community. The program focuses on:

•    Language Experience Approach,
   Cultural Relevancy
•    Peer mentoring, and
•    Partnered teaching.

Seminole culture is given relevancy through the language experience approach as:
•    Students and teachers hear stories,
•    Draw pictures,
•    Learn about Seminole culture, and
•    Create personal reading materials and math problems using the culture.

As partners, paired Seminole aides and FGCU student teachers plan, execute, evaluate, and mentor each other. Seminole teacher's aides will develop competencies in teaching/tutoring skills that can be applied to tutor Seminole children and their own children. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) education students gain practical experience in cross-cultural teaching.

2004 Dates:
Orientation: July 13, 14, 15th
School Dates: July 19 - 30th

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