Office of Media Relations

Media Relations works as a liaison to the media to inform the public about events, research and other newsworthy happenings at the university. It is the point of contact for all internal and external media inquiries.

Reporting FGCU News

The effective dissemination and management of news requires planning. It is important that our office be alerted to a potential news story as early as possible. In an emergency, we must act immediately. On other news, time is required to gather information and notify the news media.

Press Releases

The Office of Media Relations has cultivated an excellent relationship with the news media by providing appropriate news stories, written well and delivered in a timely manner. Press releases will be written in Associated Press (AP) style, the basic news style, so wire services and newspapers that want to use them have to make few or no changes.

The successful placement of any topic in the media is often hard to predict and even simple stories may be of interest to some of our audiences. The first step for our office to prepare a press release is to inform us of the event, program or research you wish to alert the media. After we help you identify the validity of the story and the recommended channels for its distribution, we will prepare a press release for distribution accordingly. Although suggestions are always helpful when developing the release and fact checking is paramount, the Office of Media Relations provides final editorial responsibility. View archived press releases

For the Media

News and information about the University is the responsibility of the Office of Media Relations. For information regarding the University’s position, statements, comments and interview requests of the FGCU president, contact Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans at 239-590-1057 or

The Office of Media Relations is also responsible for disseminating news about the university and responding to all media inquiries. It is the place to send information and seek assistance in dealing with the news media. The office also helps the media to locate FGCU experts to comment on news or topics of interest. For assistance, contact Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans at or 239-590-1057

FGCU welcomes news media to its public campus. Most exterior areas are accessible to reporters and photographers. All members of the media, however, are encouraged to contact Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans at prior to filming or photographing on campus. Access may be denied or limited during an emergency or other situations when unrestricted media access may be disruptive. Prior clearance is required to conduct interviews, film or photograph inside campus buildings, residence halls and classrooms, or any other area that is restricted.

If you are a member of the media and would like to receive press releases from our office, submit your information to join the distribution list, or contact the Office of Media Relations at 239-590-1006.

Public Records Requests

Public records requests of Florida Gulf Coast University should be directed to Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans at or 239-590-1057.