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Accountability Groups

Accountability Groups for Completing Work and Achieving Goals

Accountability Groups leverage social and peer support and provide structure and resources to help students overcome academic isolation and confusion. The social and peer support allows for a structure of camaraderie, commitment, encouragement, acknowledgment, and the creation of a supportive community.


Accountability Group

Benefits to signing up for an Accountability Group? Benefits include interacting with supportive peers, establishing academic goals, and identifying solutions. Students will have access to a CAA staff member who can provide immediate academic support.

What happens in an Accountability Group session? Students come together for a 90-minute session to create a realistic to-do list. Participants establish goals, work independently, and interact with the group about their progress. An Academic Coach or Peer Academic Coach will act as the lead facilitator beginning and ending each session with a 5- to 10-minute reflection and goal setting activity.

Who can participate in an Accountability Group? Any enrolled Florida Gulf Coast University student is eligible to participate at no charge. Each group has between 6-8 students, with an Academic Success Coach or Peer Academic Coach leading the sessions.

How do I register? Click on the link above to review Accountability Group session options and sign up. Some options are weekly and some are bi-weekly. 


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