About Herald Court Centre

FGCU Charlotte County is here

Herald Court Centre in Charlotte County is continuously growing. Our role parallels the role of the larger University in our region and state. The focus is always on credit/non-credit classes, degree programs, applied research, and enhancing the quality of life. 

Why bring FGCU to Charlotte County? 

Herald Court Centre is a primary commitment from FGCU to enhance access to the university for the population of Charlotte County. Like the University, the center strives to form partnerships to make available its knowledge, resources, services, and educational offerings that will meet the needs of Charlotte County residents. Access includes direct involvement in the intellectual and cultural communities the University creates and nourishes. 

 The Charlotte Center reflects the University's interest in employing innovative ideas, methods, and technologies in the development and delivery of programs and services, both for credit and for non-credit experiences. The center pursues appropriate community-based public service activities and projects. Becoming an active member in the center allows you to take advantage of the programs we offer. 

Available Opportunities

We offer a variety of programming through Professional Development, the The FGCU Academy, and FGCU Complete. As we continue to grow and expand, we will continue to find new courses/programs to offer that will benefit the Charlotte County communities we service. 

Travel & Cruise Programs

Explore the world in 2019!

Explore the world with us through the The FGCU Academy. Every year we offer travel & cruise trips to learn more about the world around you. 

HCC Courses

Build your knowledge everyday!

Join us as a member of the The FGCU Academy where we make lifelong learning possible with educated instructors and knowledgeable students. 

FGCU Complete

Finish your degree now!

Work toward earning your bachelor's degree from FGCU while maintaining your current lifestyle.