Special Programs

Exclusive programs just for you

The Office of Continuing Education & Off-Campus Programs maintains an understanding that the communities around us strive off of the programs we provide. We take pride in being a premier provider for education needs in our five-county area. 


Dynamics of Supervision

This series is designed to help current middle managers, first-line supervisors, and potential supervisors expand their supervisory skill set. The goal is to build, expand, and enrich current skills resulting in a significant increase in effectiveness, growth in interpersonal skills, reduction of stress, and a measurable increase in productivity. Each year our program is modified to meet supervisory demands and workforce changes.


Enhance your skills.

Learn how to properly transition from worker to supervisor and the characteristics it takes to become an effective team leader. Gain knowledge on delegation, empowerment, coaching, motivation, customer services, and more. 


Fulfill your goals. 

Focus on modifying your behaviors to improve in leadership. Gain knowledge on communication skills, effective interviewing, corrective action and feedback, workplace violence prevention, and more. 


Move up in leadership. 

Educate yourself on workplace ethics. Gain knowledge on quality performance improvement, stress reduction, dealing with difficult personalities, emotional intelligence, management styles, and more. 


Maintain your new skills.

Learn the necessary tools you need to keep and retain employees, Expand your knowledge and learn how to help others transition from worker to supervisor, while being innovative and emotionally intelligent.


Alive After Five

Downtown Punta Gorda Alive After Five

For more information call (941) 505-0130

On the third Thursday of every month (5:00-8:00 pm), the Punta Gorda Downtown Merchants Association presents Alive After Five -- an evening of music, art and tastings. The Renaissance Academy supports the arts in Punta Gorda by displaying a local artists' work all month and hosting a reception during Alive After Five.