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Educational excellence in Professional Grant Writing

Have you considered a career in Grant Writing? Wish you knew where to start and how you could use the skills you learn to further yourself or your organization? You've come to the right place to answer those questions. We partnered with educational providers Grant Writing Center and Ed2go to offer a multitude of programs to help those interested in grant writing. 

Grant Writing through the Grant Training Center



The Professional Proposal Writing Course is designed for beginners as well as advanced grant writers who want to initiate or finalize their proposals. The course requires about 60 total hours to complete and is asynchronous - meaning you don't have to attend online at any specific time.


Understanding that proposals vary, the instruction and materials have been separated according to participants' interest in project or research grants. We will walk you through key search engines, locating the donors and grants that fit your needs, and writing proposals that win competitions.


After this online course, you will understand how to navigate grant procurement. Also, you will be able to demonstrate the excellence and innovation of your idea, which will propel your project or research beyond other submissions.

These START NOW/START ANYTIME courses enable students to enter anytime and work at their own pace as long as all coursework is completed in 30 days. The courses requires about 15 total hours to complete and are asynchronous - meaning you don't have to attend online at any specific time.


The following topics are available: Finding the Right Grant Donors, Strategically Planning Your Grant Requests, Key Proposal Pieces: Abstracts and Need Statements, Key Proposal Pieces: Goals, Objectives and Activities, Key Proposal Pieces: Outcomes, Evaluations and Budgets, and How to Persuade Grant Reviewers.


Comprehensive Course

Dates: Sessions start every Monday

Times: Accessible online 24/7

Location: Online

Cost: $695


Topic-Specific Courses

Dates: Sessions start every Monday

Times: Accessible online 24/7

Location: Online

Cost: $135/each


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Grant Writing + Non-Profits Management

You want a meaningful career that comforts the greater-good. What better place to start than working within the non-profit sector?! In this program you’ll explore both the managerial aspects of working at a non-profit, as well as the process for obtaining funding through writing grant proposals.

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Writing Consultant

Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant

Good grant writing consultants are always in demand. Learn how you can use a basic knowledge of grant or proposal writing to become an expert in the red-hot grant consulting field. The course will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions to start your own home-based business. You'll learn what services to offer, how to find clients, and how to set your fees.

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Technical Writing

This program is geared towards anyone seeking professional career training in technical writing. Within the program, you will learn research methods, audience considerations, various writing styles, drafting and revision techniques, working in a collaborative environment, and more. Learn about a variety of media and formats. You will learn about the different writing standards for websites, emails, proposals, and technical instructions.

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A to Z Grant Writing

This informative course will equip you with the skills and tools you need to enter this exciting and fulfilling field. No matter who you are or what level of experience you have, you can be a successful grant writer. This is one of the best online grant writing courses around, whether you're already involved in a related position or are looking to take your first step into this rewarding career.

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Financial Support for Military Spouses

Utilize military spouse benefits to get in-demand career training.