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Professional Development

Enhance your Skills and Knowledge for the Future

Whether you are looking to earn credit or improve your skills with non-credit opportunities, we are here to help. Our training and certification courses are high quality, integrated, and innovative programs that enable participants to achieve their career and learning objectives through access to affordable education and employment skills training. We offer a variety of short courses, conferences, seminars, certificates and CEU programs. 

Upcoming Professional Development Programs


  • IBM Skills Academy: Internet of Things $495

    September 8 - October 9, 2021

    The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing range of connected devices that send data across the Internet. The IoT is now a reality due to the convergence of several technologies. A “Thing” is any object or device with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network – without any human interaction. So, imagine if you had smart devices in your car, your workplace or even on yourself. The IoT can help transform industries leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, using information gathered in real-time by thousands of sensors globally.

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  • IBM Skills Academy: Artificial Intelligence $495

    October 11 - November 20, 2021

    Explore the topics, technology and skills required to gain practice in the successful application of AI techniques to address key industry problems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science behind systems that can program themselves to classify, predict, and recommend. Businesses are using AI now more than ever before: AI is being scaled across industries at an enterprise level.

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  • Cannabis Professional Certificate Program $1395

    Fall 2021: October 16 - November 13, 2021
    The Cannabis Professional Certificate Program is an intensive 4-week workshop designed to meet the needs of those who want to increase their understanding of cannabis and its effects, the cannabis industry, and the environment in which it operates. The program is comprised of four 1-week modules. The videos and materials for each module are available starting on Sunday. Registrants can work at their own pace to complete the module throughout the week and will then participate in a live virtual class via Zoom on the following Saturday morning.

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  • Dynamics of Supervision $185/session

    Oct 2021 - Apr 2022, Tues, 8:30am-11:30am (Florida Southwestern State College [FSW] Charlotte Campus)
    Dynamics of Supervision I $185
    Oct 12 - Nov 16, 2021, Thurs, 8:30am-11:30am (FSW Charlotte Campus)
    Dynamics of Supervision II $185
    Jan 18 - Feb 22, 2022, Thurs, 8:30am-11:30am (FSW Charlotte Campus
    Dynamics of Supervision III $185
    Mar 8 - Apr 12, 2022, Thurs, 8:30am-11:30am (FSW Charlotte Campus)
    Dynamics of Supervision IV $185
    Oct 12 - Nov 16, 2021, Thurs, 1:00pm-4:00pm (FSW Charlotte Campus)
    Interactive: Role Playing; Case Studies; Group Discussions and Projects.


Upcoming Professional Development Online Programs


PRogram Description
Personal Fitness Certification Become a fitness professional by earning your Personal Fitness Certification. Register
Clinical Medical Assistant Online  Online preparation for the certification examination administered by the National Health Career Association (NHA). Register
Hemodialysis Technician Program Online  Online preparation for the certification examination administered by the Board of Nephology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT). Register
Dental Assistant Online Online preparation for the certification examination administered by the American Dental Association (ADA). Register
Pharmacy Technician Online Online preparation for the certification examination administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Register
Medical Coding Online Online preparation for 3 national certification exams administered by the AAPC and AHIMA boards. Register
Phlebotomy Technician Online  More than just taking blood, study proper lab procedures and be well prepared for emergencies. Register
Veterinary Assistant Online Comprehensive training to work side-by-side with a veterinary team tending to the needs of animals. Register
Social Media for Business Certificate Learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization. Register
Supervisory & Leadership Certificate Ensure the efficiency of your team with effective delegation, performance management, and writing performance reviews. Register
Certificate in Teaching Adults  Find out how adults learn and teach others in any setting, either formally or informally. Register
Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers Get a foundation to understand the seven steps in the accounting cycle and use financial information in decision making. Register
Digital Marketing Certificate  An advanced intro to eMarketing, analyzing your web traffic, and doing search engine optimization. Register
Certificate in Data Analysis Add a whole new skill set to your portfolio, and make a big difference in the success of your organization by acquiring data analysis skills. Register
Certificate in Customer Service Enhance your customer service skill set, improve productivity, and increase your organization’s success. Register


Financial Support for Military Spouses

Utilize military spouse benefits to get in-demand career training.


Local Industry and Business Training Programs

Provide your employees with the training they need to enhance their current skills. For more information about these programs, contact Dr. Robert Peterson at 941-626-9134 or rpeterson@fgcu.edu.

  • Supervisory Training Series

  • Executive Leadership Program

  • Lean Sigma Training

  • Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Dealing with Angry and Difficult People

  •  Project Management Training

  •  Building Influential Relationships 

  •  Bullying Prevention and Civility in the Workplace

  • Manager's Motivation Tool Kit: Bringing Out the Best in Others

  • Discover Your Inner Genius: Innovative Thinking and Organizational Problem Solving

  •  Secrets to Providing Outstanding Customer Service 

  • Save a Meeting, Save Your Sanity! Facilitation Skills for Team and Meeting Leaders

  •  The Game Plan for Team Development

  • Transform Your Future: Finding Your Own True North

  •  Speaking with Confidence and Credibility