ACE I Lab Committees

About the ACE I Lab Committees

FGCU joined the 2018-2020 ACE Internationalization Cohort. 

Working Closely with experts, participating institutions:

  • Assemble an internationalization leadership team on campus
  • Analyze current internationalization activities and articulate institutional goals
  • Formulate a strategic action plan to take internationalization efforts forward

Subcommittee Structure

Goals for each subcommittee to investigate:

Administrative Structure, Collaboration and Partnerships

  • Review administrative structures as it relates to international efforts.
  • Review current administrative involvement by focusing on the level international/ global interaction.
  • Describe the institution’s fund raising strategy and priorities for internationalization.
  • Identify the extent and range of existing international partnerships and agreements.
  • Review existing opportunities to enhance the internationalization effort.


Curriculum, Co-Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

  • Undertake a campus-wide course inventory to assess where we are in current international/ global efforts and opportunities.
  • Review current courses and programs for dimensions of global-ness and focus.  
  • Review current service learning activities with international/ global elements.  


 Faculty and Staff

  • Review the composition and experience of faculty and staff.
  • Review how our international profile compares with peer and neighboring institutions.


Outgoing Mobility

  • Identify current and recent levels of faculty international work, sorted into types (conference attendance to research/residency).
  • Provide trend analysis of international participation over recent time.
  • Provide out-case comparison to peer and aspirational peer institutions and national averages.
  • Provide trend analysis of study abroad programs over recent time.
  • Review and discuss existing exchange or third party provider partnerships; discuss barriers to faculty-led and independent study abroad including faculty-led programs, and suggest assessment methods.
  • Discuss the role and current level of use of international service learning, internships and student research in various programs and compare these against other institutions.
  • Assess the level to which international experiences are integrated into FGCU service learning and coursework after student returns from study abroad or other programs.


Incoming Mobility

  • Identify current and recent numbers and types of visiting international faculty, and resident international faculty and their respective capacities and statuses.
  • Describe the international student population as it compares with the wider student population.
  • Identify recent trends in international student population enrollment, persistence, graduation rates, etc.
  • Review and assess current international recruitment efforts and priorities.
  • Describe the administrative structures surrounding and supporting international recruitment.
  • Describe the current opportunities, challenges, and barriers for recruitment, enrollment, and retention.
  • Describe the current resources for international students, discuss barriers/opportunities for expanding international student recruitment; describe current levels of engagement with/of international students in FGCU community.