Campus Beverage Partner

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A Sustainable Partnership

As a leader in the beverage industry, PepsiCo sets standards and creates a lifestyle around its branding. Part of setting standards is to set examples for future leaders and ground breakers on sustainable initiatives in all aspects, but certainly when it comes to waste production. Together with Florida Gulf Coast University, Pepsi will show Southwest Florida and its students how to build stronger communities through impactful projects. 

Pepsi Beverage Match

Pepsi, our campus beverage partner, has created a Beverage Matching Program to help support campus community initiatives. Submit this form no less than three weeks prior to your event. It is open to all FGCU groups with events held on campus.

Pepsi Matching Form

Recycling Roadster


In perfect recycling mascot style, the Pepsi Recycling Roadster is an interactive vehicle that travels from campus to campus in search of opportunities to educate college students about recycling in interactive, fun ways! 

Roadster at FGCU

Students take the time to engage in the Roadster's activities that point out impressive stats about plastic waste and what Pepsi is doing to encourage college students to take serious initiative on raising awareness of these global issues. 

Roadster at FGCU

Check out the Pepsi Recycling website to see all of Pepsi's creative campaigns on recycling.

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Pepsi's Zero Impact Fund


Pepsi's Engagement

The Zero Impact Fund can grant up to $10,000 towards an impactful, winning idea to enhance Pepsi Recycling on campus. This includes efforts focused on zero waste, renewable energy, green transportation, and conservation of resources. Multiple awards can be granted to the same university.