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Payroll Certification Information

The Total Payroll Cost Report and Leave Liability Report are available online via Banner ePrint to authorized users on the Tuesday preceding each pay day. It is the responsibility of the Vice-President, Dean/Director or designee to certify that the information on the Total Cost Report is accurate and to report any discrepancies to Payroll by completion of Payroll Certification form according to the Payroll Certification Guidelines.

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Guidance for Payroll Records Management

Each University College/Department has the primary legal responsibility for the proper creation, care and management of its payroll records. In accordance with the Payroll Certification Guidelines, Payroll Liaisons must maintain copies of their department’s time records and leave forms submitted to Payroll that comply with the State’s Records Retention Schedule. To meet this responsibility, the Payroll Liaison should design the most efficient and economical filing method that works for the department. Generally, the simplest method is the best. Please keep in mind as you assist your department that even the most organized record maintenance practices will not compensate for information that is inaccurately or incompletely created.


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