Academic Excellence

Raising the bar on academic excellence 

Pursuing academic excellence dominates the thoughts of everyone at FGCU on a daily basis.

We are a smaller university, so we have the luxury to make learning personal, with small class sizes, individualized attention, and a continuous commitment to student success, retention and professionalism. We value innovation, progress and interdisciplinary learning. Our professors know their students by name and engage them in research opportunities typically available only to graduate students. 

Taking student success to the next level

At FGCU, 60% of students work at least 20 hours a week to afford college, distracting them from their education. Scholarships, paid internships and research stipends make a tremendous difference, allowing them to receive the full benefit of the college experience. Only in its third year of operation, our Office of Competitive Fellowships has helped students win three Goldwater Fellowships (more than many Ivy League schools) and a Fulbright Scholarship. Opportunities like these make students’ journeys richer so our region can receive optimal benefit from their passion and intelligence. Their success also demonstrates the academic rigor at FGCU, attracting talented students to our campus. 

Ensuring academic excellence also means strengthening the instruction students receive from the best and brightest faculty. With many of our founding faculty now retiring, the time is ideal to increase endowments to attract and retain the next generation of extraordinary faculty. Private funding can be used to supplement state salaries for startup packages, research funding and administrative support in disciplines across the university. 

One resource all students use is the University Library. The way the library space is utilized has changed dramatically since it opened in 1997. Renovating the interior to expand creative spaces, build its research capacity and provide a higher-profile, central location for the Honors College offices will serve students and the Southwest Florida community well. 

Photo of President Martin
We’ve done so much in the first 25 years with the strong support and generosity of people like you. Continued support in the next 25 will build an even more vibrant and impactful university to benefit students and the region.

Mike Martin

Image of FGCU students

As the library expands its technological capacity, the need for space to incorporate equipment grows as well. With 16,000 students crossing our threshold on a regular basis, we need to expand our maker space with 3-D printers, augmented and virtual reality software, video and audio editing capabilities, high-end cameras and other tools they need to complete assignments and achieve their visions.

The library also has rare and unique collections that need to be housed in temperature-controlled spaces. Body heat alone limits the number of people who can view the galleries at any one time. A larger space will allow us to share our gifts with more people and create more exciting programs for the community.