Donor Stories

Photo of Daryl Cordova

My experience at FGCU has provided opportunities to grow as a student, leader and individual. "

Daryl Cordova

Junior, Political Science

Photo of Lan Jiang

Our connections translate into internships and jobs."

Dr. Lan Jiang

Assistant Professor of Resort & Hospitality Management

Photo of Dr. Roca

Several things attracted me to FGCU, top among them was to be part of an exciting new venture. "

Dr. Maria Loffredo Roca

Chair, Department of Integrated Studies

Dr. Claude Villiers

We have qualified and experienced teachers who enjoy their jobs and champion students’ learning. "

Dr. Claude Villiers

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Dr. Peter Ndiang'ui

Sometimes a single lesson can change a person’s life. Such was the case for me."

Dr. Peter Ndiang'ui

Adjunct Professor, University Colloquium