Meet Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings

I’m a thousand times grateful for having received these scholarships

Photo of Brian CummingsSenior Airman Brian Cummings joined the United States Air Force in 2011, serving in Georgia, Alaska and Kuwait. Following his honorable discharge in 2014, he enrolled in FGCU and will graduate in the spring 2019 with a degree in political science. His immediate plans include law school, although he holds some interest in re-enlisting in the Air Force as an officer.

Cummings received two scholarships – the Pat and Laura Cacho Family Scholarship and the Sterling Oaks Legacy Scholarship.

The Cacho Family Scholarship focuses on minority students in need of financial assistance. “When I met the Cachos, I had a very productive conversation with them,” he said. “They were super encouraging, shared their experiences living in England, and spoke about African-Americans in general, and what we can do as part of the community to advance American society.”

The Cacho Family Scholarship is designed to improve the odds of success for those students who most need the financial boost. “It was incredible to receive the Cacho Family Scholarship,” said Cummings. “It helped me purchase books, pay rent and buy those everyday items you need, but don’t factor into your budget. It was cool to meet Pat and Laura Cacho and to sit with them. I honestly can’t thank them enough.” 

As to his future, Cummings said, “Ultimately, I want to do something that benefits veterans,” which is one reason why he holds the Sterling Oaks Scholarship – awarded to assist U.S. veterans who are first-generation students – in such high esteem. “I’m a thousand times grateful for having received this scholarship,” he said, adding that it offered him more than financial support.

“Each year, I volunteer at different Sterling Oaks events, all designed to raise money for scholarships to assist veterans. I’ve seen the increase in funds raised. I’ve seen the genuine interest residents have in supporting veterans.

“And then, for me personally, in addition to the financial support, there’s that element of networking and talking with folks from different professions, learning what their experiences were like.”

Sterling Oaks is not Cummings’ first foray into volunteerism. As president of his fraternity, he’s participated in many community service projects, among them beach cleanup, the soup kitchen cooperative in Fort Myers and Student Government – and too many more to mention.