What's New

Academic Year 2017-2018

Check out what we have improved here at FGCU in the past year.


Classroom Technology

  • 200+ obsolete computers replaced in Lutgert Hall classrooms and labs.
  • All teaching podium systems located in Lutgert Hall classrooms upgraded with digital controls and high definition projection.
  • Interactive "SMART" projection now deployed in 7 classrooms located in Reed Hall, Merwin Hall and Lutgert Hall.
  • Expanded integration of “Bring Your Own Device”(BYOD) technology into teaching podium systems, allowing faculty to use their own personal computing device wirelessly with classroom presentation systems.
  • "Grand Opening" of the Gartner Marketing & Sales Lab located in the Lutgert College of Business. Equipped with "SMART" projection, multi-point lecture capture technology, high definition multi-screen video, collaborative learning areas and adjoining, remote controlled "observation" room, this room will truly be state of the art in academic technology.
  • Full deployment of Kaltura video capture and storage technology is set to go for Fall 2017. Kaltura is a critical tool in the delivery of a variety of teaching and learning methodologies including online learning, supplemental instruction and "flipped" classrooms.
  • New student furniture for computer classrooms located in Lutgert Hall.

Student Success

  • Lecture capture technology: We have expanded lecture capture technology to 12 additional classrooms. All classrooms located in the Lutgert College of Business will now be able to use this technology to “flip” their classroom methodology, initialize dialogs with guest speakers from remote sites and/or provide supplemental instruction to their students in the form of on-line class lectures, presentations and discussions that will serve to reinforce in-class learning.
  • Remote Supplemental Instruction for CAA: Technology deployed providing for the delivery of remote, interactive Supplemental Instruction (SI) to students. SI is an academic support program offered by the Center for Academic Achievement to assist students with academic skills and content knowledge, thereby maximizing opportunities to enhance student learning and on-going success.
  • Coming soon… Early Alerts integrated with Canvas: We’re assisting in the development of an “early alert” (Fastrack v.2) system that can be launched from within the Canvas LMS so that advisors and/or other FGCU service providers can be signaled when a student appears to be at risk of not meeting educational goals.

Research - High Speed Computing

  • Servers are being staged and secured for the Department of Chemistry that will host "NAM-D" – a parallel molecular dynamics code designed for high-performance simulation of large bio-molecular systems.
  • Servers are being staged and secured for the Lutgert College of Business where they will be used within their research programs for the purpose of "big data" manipulation.