Girls STEM Camp

STEM Girls Summer Camp for High School Students

Assessing Environmental Change in Southwest Florida

HS Girls Summer camp

We are looking for 9-12th grade students to participate in our STEM Girls Summer Camp for High School Students. Participating students will learn content on issues of water quality in Southwest Florida and climate change. Students will be mentored in the latest climate change research and how it is related to south Florida. The students will be taken out on boats and mentored in field methodologies. They will collect all of their own samples and engage in authentic scientific research. They will be mentored in laboratory practices and they will use state-of-the-art laboratory instruments in their analyses.


Sessions offered for all students in HS (9th-12th grades)

2020 Dates to be announced
Location: Vester Marine Field Station, Bonita Springs
Pricing: None

Contact: Dr. Joanne Muller for application details

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This project was funded by a grant from the Southwest Florida Community Foundation