Dept. of Marine & Ecological Sciences

We bring together students, faculty, and regional professionals with interests in the environment and the sustainability of natural resources and systems.

Burrow CamMarine and Ecological Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs focusing on the environment as well as several related minors. Students learn about environmental issues using an interdisciplinary perspective by studying the Earth’s biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere. Undergraduate students in all of our programs engage in an internship or senior research project, and all of our programs emphasize hands-on learning with extensive laboratory- and field-based activities.

The Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences values all students, faculty, and staff regardless of national origin or immigration status. We support the free cultural exchange of ideas as being at the heart of the academic endeavor. This exchange deepens and broadens our students’ perspectives in an increasingly globalized society.

Degree Programs

Environmental Studies BA    Marine Science BS Enviro Science MS   Enviro Studies MA

Climate Change minor environmental Education minorgeology minor

 FGCU Water School



Research & Outreach

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Department Contacts

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Office: Seidler Hall SH - 427
Phone: 239-590-7206


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Christal Niemeyer
Administrative Specialist
Office: Seidler Hall SH - 443
Phone: 239-590-7197


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