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FGCU National Science Foundation GEOPATH Application

Geology research opportunity to work collaboratively under the mentorship of an FGCU Environmental Geology faculty member.


Students in Geo labSelected students from the application process will participate in this National Science Foundation (NSF) funded experience beginning with field research in the summer of 2021 and culminating with a classroom-based research course in Fall 2021.  Student applicants will be paired with Environmental Geology mentor(s) based on research interests expressed in their applications.  The time commitment for the summer 2021 research experiences will be two weeks, and the start dates will be established during the early part of the spring 2021 semester. 

Potential projects students can choose from are:

  • Work with Dr. Muller and Dr. Savarese on climate change effects on a previously unstudied barrier island along the Southwest Florida coast, which will involve the study of erosion and washover deposits, beach profiling, and sediment coring.
  • Work with Dr. Abercrombie and Dr. Rotz on barrier island surface and subsurface hydrological research, including field methods to measure and monitor water level, field and laboratory methods examining water quality (i.e., saltwater intrusion, potential contaminants), and computational approaches to accessing and interpreting publicly available hydrological datasets.
  • Work with Dr. Barbosa and Dr. MacDonald on using mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of rock and mineral samples to interpret their formation. This includes data collection using instruments, field-based sample collecting, and synthesis of rock and mineral data.   

Prior to the summer field experience, the selected students must attend two mandatory pre-trip meetings during the spring 2021 semester. Students must also register for the required follow-up course to be held in the Fall 2021 semester.  All tuition for the summer 2021 research course and the tuition for the required follow-up Fall 2021 course will be covered by NSF funding. Students selected for this NSF funded experience will also receive a modest stipend during the summer 2021.Student in field

GLY 4930: ST: GEOPATHS Summer Field Geology (Summer) 

GLY 4930, Special Topics: GEOPATH: Fall Research (Fall)

This research experience will be offered as two (2) required GLY 4930 special topics courses. 

  • Summer course - research with paired faculty member
  • Fall course - follow-up research course which will meet during the Fall. This course-based undergraduate research experience will build upon the research that was begun during the summer, and it will also include other geology-based research conducted as a series of labs during the fall semester.

Students must have:

  • Completed Physical Geology (GLY 1010C) with a "C" or higher


  • Completed Environmental Geology (GLY 2030C) with a "C" or higher
  • An express interest in Environmental Geology

Complete the PDF application and submit it with a 300-word essay (word doc) indicating why you are interested in this National Science Foundation funding Environmental Geology field-based research experience. Students who are returning from the Summer 2020 GEOPATH cohort should fill out the Application for Returning Applicants form, while new applicants should fill out the Application for New Participants form.  All applications are due by January 30, 2021.

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