Current Projects

The Seidler Collaborative Awards have played an essential role in the College of Arts and Sciences' efforts to enhance undergraduate student research and creative activity. The College consists of a diverse set of disciplines that include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and the projects supported by the Seidler Fund reflect that diversity. For example the projects awarded support in summer 2018 are included below. The faculty member is listed first, and the student(s) scholars’ names follow.

Summer 2018

faculty student department project
Greg Boyce Brittany Klootwyk Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Harnessing the Potential of Cyclopropenones in Organic Synthesis
Tom Cimarusti Madeline Peterson Bower School of Music & the Arts/Music A Reconstruction and Performance of Koreshan Hymns
Alberto Condori Nicholas Seguin Mathematics/Mathematics Norm behavior of matrices inlow dimensions
Lori Cornelius Harold Schau Language & Literature/English The Intersection of Folklore & Legal Studies
Nora Demers Christopher Hormuth
Sabrina Suarez
Biological Sciences/Biology The Ins & Outs of Gopher Tortoises: what do they eat and what parasites are they harboring?
Chris DiMattina Chance Hamilton
Charly Garsia-Valero
Psychology/Psychology Investigating neural mechanisms of visual bounddary detection using deep neural networks
Jeff Kleeger Adolph Brink Justice Studies/Legal Studies Immigration Showdown: California Versus United States Government
Kara Lefevre Katelyn Rawlings Marine & Ecological Sciences/Marine Sciences Assessing Hurricane Irma's impact on threatened Burrowing Owls in North Cape Coral
Arsalan Mirjafari
Gregory McManus
Allison Hawkins
Luke Lamos
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Development of Innovative Hybrid Materials to Mine Lithium from Seawater: A New Resource fo Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Molly Nation Matthew Hale Marine & Ecological Sciences/Environmental Studies Impacts of Sustainable Attitudes on Personal Action
Lindsay Rhodes Rachel Ranschau Biological Sciences/Biology Identifying stillbenes to inhibit triple-negative breast cancer migration
Gerritt VanderMeer Joseph Herrera Bower School of Music & the Arts/Theatre Greek Play Adaptation
Jordon Von Cannon Alyssa Prosper Language & Literature/English Transatlantic Departures: Mapping Catharine Sedgwick's 1839-1840 Tour Abroad

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